Hello world!

Aloha and welcome to my tiny space in the world.  This page is me sharing with you my trading journey and life journey, wherever it takes me and whichever is the more exciting.  I have two small goals:

#1. Dream really FREAKIN’ BIG

#2. Make #1 happen.

I, in no way, promise to make you money or entertain you…just here to share my thoughts and the look of opportunity as I see it in the markets.  The word “simple” in my strategy is slightly tongue in cheek…for anyone who tells you anything within the markets is simple is feeding you a mighty big plate full of garbage.  It is simple when you don’t overthink and follow your rules.  Simple to say, but your success is truly contigent on whether you are capable of executing and following your plan.  Plan your trade and trade your plan is something you will hear from every titan who is in the game and it truly is the best advice I have ever heard.