Afternoon Runners

One important piece of improving my trading has been recognizing where and when my winners occur.  I have had significant success in tickers that have consolidated after a  morning run and are just slowly edging higher above VWAP in the afternoon session.

One example of this is $SNGX that was called out in IU chatroom today.  I started into a position at 2:15 pm on a wash back to VWAP.  It broke the day’s high at 2:45 pm but I decided not to add as I have found this time to often be a fakeout for end of day runners so I held patiently.  I added on the wash at 3:30, which proved to be a solid move, as this was the low for the remainder of the day and is still currently running after hours.  While this particular play didn’t run as large as some others, the Reward/Risk was extremely favorable to take it when risking off vwap.

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