Day One

So, this weekend I went to my favorite quiet beach and had a serious talk with myself.  You know the kind of talk that I mean?  I have had an incredible first 5 months as an independent trader, it has far exceeded what I had expected or hoped for but last week I seriously felt like a maniac trading.  I feel blessed I ended solidly green but felt so trashed and beat up as if I had ended red.  The opportunities and ranges this market is giving is incredible, however at the end of the day what has gotten me to where I am is trading less quantity and more quality.   Continue reading “Day One”

Brief snap in my streak

Me on Monday.  I had a streak of 4 weeks of GREEN days and fell flat on my face on Monday.  So, what went wrong?  Pretty simple explanation:


Silly, really.  Two big rules that, when ignored, will slap you upside the head every time a trader tries to think they are better than them.

  1.  Fighting trend above VWAP
  2.  Starting said position with too big of size

While it definitely didn’t make my day, I walked away from my computer ok with a little humbling.  I know that it is extremely rare for traders to be green every day and knowing that, I am very proud of my performance in the past month.  Additionally, I think this was a good little slap to make sure I am not becoming complacent.

“Comfort breeds Complacency”

Happy to say I bounced back in a major way on Tuesday and had a killer day today with VRTX.  What a fade!  I started in on this in pre-market and stayed until 3pm.  Unreal $10/share! Really happy with how I traded this one. I was adding/taking profits….snoozing because this bled the slowest I have ever seen.  Really wanted to see massive panic for whatever reason…but I am not going to complain over this move.  It is high on my watchlist tomorrow morning, I hope it opens slightly higher for a continued fade, ideally with some panic this go around.


Shew, what a week! Actually, what a last FEW weeks it has been for me:  Regardless of how long you have been trading, it is always a learning process about the markets (and most importantly) understanding yourself as a trader.  Here is where I am standing MTD:

S&P performance MTD: up 1.32%

My performance MTD: up 16%

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No hurry no pause

It is always intriguing to me when I read about lifestyles of successful people and the power of habits in their life.  One of my favorites right now is Melissa Hartwig, co-founder of Whole30.  She will occasionally speak to her daily routine and just simply explains in her always unabashed, unapologetic manner “because routine”.

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