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Advice from the Poker brat

The more time I spend studying and trading the markets, the more I realize how the lessons in trading are so correlative to other routes one can take in their professional lives.  As I think back over my previous profession, I realize how profound some lessons were early in my career and how they provided the path to becoming what I excelled for nearly 20 years.   Continue reading Advice from the Poker brat

Simple disciplines can move mountains

One lesson that has really resonated with me lately is the power of starting small.  One of the bad habits I am working on breaking is starting too large of size prior to actual confirmation.  Stocks with tremendous range do not actually require large size to produce large gains and I find I keep myself in trades when the size is smaller.  Funny how that works?!  Staying disciplined with this new strategy is proving itself within my winners and I am looking forward to seeing what this does to my win/loss ratio and subsequent size of winners relative to my losers.

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