Fall Trading Plan

I cannot believe how excited I am for September to be here.  Summer has been amazing for me in trading both the market, cryptocurrency  and learning more about trading and my opportunities as a trader; I only hope to build upon this with the returning volume that fall brings to the market. 

I slacked on blogging last week, it was a pretty epic week with some massive winning trades in some of my go-to retail names to short: FINL, NKE, FL and I admit I took some time off after those wins to enjoy myself and some serious surf that finally hit the island.  While we are seeing some bounces this week in some (NKE does not seem to be participating-important to note), I look forward to confirmation coming in the next week that retail is actually turning.

My plan for the fall is the following:

  1.  Continue focusing on trading LESS each day.  One big lesson I have learned this summer is that I am truly at my best when I have two names that I am focusing on at one time.  Any more than that and I fumble.
  2. Step away from 11am-1:30 pm EST.  I also win the day when I step away during the doldrums and get a workout in/surf or read.  Note to self…I can also use the time to blog my morning trades if I am not holding them for a longer trade.
  3. With rare exception, no entries prior 9:30 am.
  4. After 1:30pm any shorts entered above vwap should be scalps back to vwap. Wait for confirmation break before sizing into anything.  “hoping” for a big drop is not a strategy.  On the flip side, any longs below vwap after the same time should be considered scalps as well.
  5. Zero zero zero zero adds to losing positions, adhere to stops and let them go.
  6. Focus on trading setups that are proven for me:
    1. Washout buys above vwap
    2. Scaling into shorts after large dumps below vwap

Looking forward to fall and what it brings!  The biggest lesson I have learned this summer is that there is usually opportunity every day in the market, the catch is to not force things based on my own sentiment.  On those rare days where trades do not appear, CASH IS KING….Better to not trade at all than lose trying to force something.

Make it a great week!



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