Letting the trades come to you

The opportunities and ways to connect in today’s world sometimes just truly blows my mind.  Yours? I mean, think about the ways you can follow people-blogs, twitter, linkedin, facebook, instagram, periscope, etc.  Pretty crazy!  Recently, I found the person who started my entire trading journey on periscope (via twitter) and am reminded why his words resonated with me so long ago.  Check Oliver Velez out here: (https://www.pscp.tv/w/bJL1HzF4a1FEQnp4R3huanp8MWxEeExreWVSTU1KbW8hFOKBJI75eG_81BEOq2o6n4LuwwNtoG5_R90n_i4q)

In another discussion, he also mentioned the value of letting trades come TO YOU.  This has been resonating with me, particularly lately, as it is all too easy to jump into one of the numerous trading chatrooms out there and blindly follow others into trades.  Part of my success has been letting my trades come to me via the universe watchlist that I am comfortable with and trading my setups when those tickers present themselves.  Trading tickers and sectors that I am not familiar with has not led to great success for me personally.  I would encourage you to check this out for yourself….find a few tickers that have a solid ATR and just watch them.  Odds are you will see your setup at least once during the trading day.  And one right trade is really all you need, right?


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