March Recap and looking ahead

What an unreal last week and first month as a full time trader:

I ended the month up 34% with a crazy last week and some absolute monster plays.  I committed to myself to begin increasing my size and just so happened to nail some insane trades.  What I have noticed really working right now are low float late afternoon runners…a few of my monster trades have been holding these through post market and either selling most before 8pm EST or right at open the following market.  Just unreal.  My honest struggle right now is keeping up with them to circle back for the backside inevitable short play, as they all see a slaughtering after 1-2 days of insane upside.  Very interesting right now and huge opportunities in low float stocks!  Here is an example of one that produce nearly a five figure trade for me in the last week of March:


Nate called this one out as news had broken out and it started trading over the base on the daily.  It held the gap and traded tightly the following day but then absolutely ripped the second day, true to low float trend right now.  While a .40 move may not seem like a lot, the R/R was insane along with the stock price so I piled into this one. You have to know when opportunity is on your side and go a bit bigger.

Along that note…looking ahead.  My biggest goal for April to get more comfortable trading with larger size.  I have ZERO problem cutting out of a position when I am wrong, but am a little uneasy of seeing larger losses, which I know will be inevitable.  I am batting 72% right now and feel like I am finding my groove, but recognize that, just like a stock, I will have pullbacks and squeezes within my account.  Being ok with that is truly critical for growth.  In all honesty, I stopped focusing on my p/l a while back when I read Tim Grittani hid his…I thought it was such a brilliant way to truly focus on what mattered-trading the ticker.  I am confident this is a major reason why March ended up the way it did for me.  Give it a whirl yourself and see how you change as a trader.  Totally worth it in my opinion!

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