Day One

So, this weekend I went to my favorite quiet beach and had a serious talk with myself.  You know the kind of talk that I mean?  I have had an incredible first 5 months as an independent trader, it has far exceeded what I had expected or hoped for but last week I seriously felt like a maniac trading.  I feel blessed I ended solidly green but felt so trashed and beat up as if I had ended red.  The opportunities and ranges this market is giving is incredible, however at the end of the day what has gotten me to where I am is trading less quantity and more quality.   Continue reading “Day One”

Biggest play ytd and favorite play

Earnings season is in full swing right now and I am amazed every day at the ranges in so many names!  It is a bit challenging to not have some FOMO but at the end of the day what has been working for me is the same thing that has always worked.  Focus on a few and follow my rules.

Sweet, sweet AMAZON

This came courtesy of Nate in the Investors Live chatroom.  Absolute unreal trade!  It had been on my radar to watch for this setup, so when Nate posted, I didn’t hesitate to hit the sell button with my normal starter position on a stock with that pricing.  While I didn’t have the opportunity to add, I covered for unreal gains with a trailing stop on the 5 minute chart.  Just amazing…and incredibly happy I stayed focused and didn’t let my PNL shake me out.  Specifically not looking at my PNL has, without a doubt, been the largest contributor to some of my most successful trades this year, it enables me to trade the ticker and focus on the play, not the $$$$’s.

My favorite type of play and other large win this week came via FCX.  The daily produced a beautiful market candle that showed some serious conviction on the buy side and open air above on the daily, so I was on full alert for any washout buy opportunity.  It opened weak and I waited to see if my favorite setup would develop.  The market awarded my patience with a solid r/r setup and I took the trade for a solid payday.  Above anything else, both of these trades show the power of patience!  Not every trade goes this smoothly and there are times when being patience results in leaving some money on the table but when the market is showing conviction in its movement, it is truly invaluable to let the trades ride.

The trade:


Brief snap in my streak

Me on Monday.  I had a streak of 4 weeks of GREEN days and fell flat on my face on Monday.  So, what went wrong?  Pretty simple explanation:


Silly, really.  Two big rules that, when ignored, will slap you upside the head every time a trader tries to think they are better than them.

  1.  Fighting trend above VWAP
  2.  Starting said position with too big of size

While it definitely didn’t make my day, I walked away from my computer ok with a little humbling.  I know that it is extremely rare for traders to be green every day and knowing that, I am very proud of my performance in the past month.  Additionally, I think this was a good little slap to make sure I am not becoming complacent.

“Comfort breeds Complacency”

Happy to say I bounced back in a major way on Tuesday and had a killer day today with VRTX.  What a fade!  I started in on this in pre-market and stayed until 3pm.  Unreal $10/share! Really happy with how I traded this one. I was adding/taking profits….snoozing because this bled the slowest I have ever seen.  Really wanted to see massive panic for whatever reason…but I am not going to complain over this move.  It is high on my watchlist tomorrow morning, I hope it opens slightly higher for a continued fade, ideally with some panic this go around.

The power of patience

What an incredible week! I hope many of you out there had as great of a week as I did…and for those that I took money from, well I am sorry that I am not sorry. Do your homework!

This week was pretty amazing in that nearly 100% of my trades were in TSLA and NVDA.  The ranges were solid and provided some great entries.  As always with these two, I start VERY small size and add upon confirmation that the direction is right.  Here is a snapshot of a trade in NVDA yesterday that was awesome.  Nate had called it out on the scan for IU and I couldn’t have been more excited to see my favorite stock setting up so well.  Here is what the daily looked like:

You can see that NVDA was 5 days up, right into an area of potential resistance in the 168 area.  Here is a deeper look in via the 5 minute chart:

I started into it on the break of 165.30, perfect timing in my mind, as it had ran the first 30 minutes now was showing signs of getting tired.  Because the pull was so quick, I didn’t add but stayed in and watched what happened after it cracked under vwap.  I started trail mode, as I was thinking it might crack to the upside again. It took me out at 163.35, which was an awesome first win of nearly $2/share.   That being said, I was still in the mindset that today could be the crack day, so I watched for another opportunity.  It presented itself in the form of a lower high just after 11 am and then another at 12:30, where I added again and took some off as it cracked under vwap.  The final add came at 1:15 when it cracked that small base it had formed 11:30 am.  I went into trail mode after that and ended up getting taken out at 160.25 for another win of nearly $3.75/share.

You can see these two trades took approximately 4 hours but generated $5.75/share.  Absolutely a sweet day, who would say no to that?!  Just to give you some reference, I made more on these two days than I did in a month at my previous corporate job….in one day and 4 hours.  BOOM!

Without a doubt, getting a full handle on my patience has been what has taken my trading to another level.  When fellow traders say the secret to success is letting your winners run, they are not kidding.  Now, I am not saying they all work like this but by getting in trail mode after taking solid profits on big momentum moves, it shows up in your p/l.

Aloha and enjoy your weekend all!

Getting after it


7/15 will officially one year since my move to Hawaii.  Within that year, a lot sure has happened!  Full time trading no doubt tops my list and I still cannot believe I have this opportunity.  It has opened doors and given me an incredible vision of what my future will hold.  I am looking forward to my first official quarter of training reporting but as of right now I am up 100% on my account in just 3 months. I-N-S-A-N-E.

The biggest lesson I have learned thus far is that LESS is truly MORE.  Days when I trade 1-2 stocks typically produce my largest gains.  I have also realized, through continuous analysis, I crush in Retail and Tech.  Tech has been fascinating to me and really a focus just within the last six weeks.  The ATR within tech names are incredible, and even if there isn’t huge momentum in the daily, the channels quite often produce reasonable trades for decent gains.

That being said, if they don’t seem strong in direction, or the market is just churning, I have learned to stay out.  I do not need to trade everyday…I think this is a lesson that would behoove many new traders to learn early in their journey.  There is no question, it is hard but those days when I force myself to take no action are the days I am most proud.  Money kept out of trades is money saved.

I will detail this in my recap at the end of the month but big goals are being set along with plans to accomplish said goals.  After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish and there is no wishing well in my plan.


Week at a glance

Pretty amazing week with continued large moves in retail and as of last Friday-tech!…would not mind this to continue!  I ended the week with my best batting average yet of 81%…no surprise that nearly all of my plays were shorts.  When I stand back and look at it, it truly makes me wonder why I even go long.  I have been slacking on weekly recaps, I am now committing to be more diligent and utilize the slower summer mid mornings to get on a regular blogging routine.

Heavy hitters this week for me were the following stocks, 95% of all of my plays were in this small handful of stocks.  These are “go-to” stocks for me when the set ups are there:


Finding stocks that you are familiar that move in conjunction with the market I think is integral for success.  Banks are another sector that could be added into the mix as they typically follow the market, although with the sector rotation that seemed to happen this week the flow didn’t seem to be there.

Here is a snapshot of a trade I took late today (2:30pm EST) on NVDA.  This is something that has been really working for me on the short side, I like building into a short into prior resistance and then adding upon confirmation.  I was hoping for a bit more of a bleed but making $1.30/share on a .30 risk is not too bad of a scalp.

Time for me to go surf.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Advice from the Poker brat

The more time I spend studying and trading the markets, the more I realize how the lessons in trading are so correlative to other routes one can take in their professional lives.  As I think back over my previous profession, I realize how profound some lessons were early in my career and how they provided the path to becoming what I excelled for nearly 20 years.   Continue reading “Advice from the Poker brat”