Simple disciplines can move mountains

One lesson that has really resonated with me lately is the power of starting small.  One of the bad habits I am working on breaking is starting too large of size prior to actual confirmation.  Stocks with tremendous range do not actually require large size to produce large gains and I find I keep myself in trades when the size is smaller.  Funny how that works?!  Staying disciplined with this new strategy is proving itself within my winners and I am looking forward to seeing what this does to my win/loss ratio and subsequent size of winners relative to my losers.

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Shew, what a week! Actually, what a last FEW weeks it has been for me:  Regardless of how long you have been trading, it is always a learning process about the markets (and most importantly) understanding yourself as a trader.  Here is where I am standing MTD:

S&P performance MTD: up 1.32%

My performance MTD: up 16%

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