The power of consistency

Well, disappointing that it has been nearly a month since my last post!  New goal to check in at least twice a week with my thoughts (putting it on my calendar so it happens!)

May has been an incredible month so far for me, I am looking forward to closing it out as my best performing month ever.  As I look back at my performance and loss data, a few things have been driving it:

  1.  Waiting until 9:45-10am
  2.   Adhering to my rule of only adding in trend direction and over vwap (if long) or under vwap (if short).
  3.  Trading less tickers
  4. Cutting those plays where volume drives up quickly-keep money strictly within momentum

The bulk of my earnings thus far in the month have been trades within the retail sector.  With so many of them delivering less than stellar earnings, there have been a large number of sympathy plays that provide opportunity.

I entered myself into the GREEN CHALLENGE for the month-aim to end my days green, not any particular dollar amount, I just need to be profitable.  One of the great things so far, other than only one red day, is that it continues to make me focus on the chart and only focus my leverage into winners.  Nothing revolutionary in thought but pretty mind blowing when I evaluate my day after the closing bell.  LOVING THIS!!


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