Sectors to watch:

I feel like this is partially always evolving as to what is trending and/or volatile at the moment, or personal preference as to what you like to trade.  Some stocks you trade often enough that you get familiar with them and have a greater confidence for understanding their average movement.  Below is a snapshot of my scanning grid that I have set up to review my specific watchlists (all within TD Ameritrade that I utilize largely for charting and for one of my accounts).

Below you can see I start with Indices at the top as it is always important to know what the overall market is doing.  If the market is struggling or range bound, it may or may not make your particular play easy to see follow through.  Currently, my top watchlists are the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Gold, Dollar, Oil
  • IU Daily
  • Biotech
  • Shipping
  • Retail




my journey in trading the markets